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Drawing of Cosmos, Lavender, Kyrea and Jaspers in a group photo Drawing of Cosmos, Lavender, Kyrea and Jaspers in a group photo Drawing of Cosmos, Lavender, Kyrea and Jaspers in a group photo

Welcome to Kiwi's website, this is where I will post random stuff, like fandom rambles and original art stuff. As a socially-awkward person, I found it extremely difficult to express myself, even on the internet. Fortunately, I found sharing on my own site is way less stressful, and unlike in other social media, I don't have to worry about likes or views, it feels more comfortable talking about my more personal stuff. So here you might understand me more!

Note that the layout is heavily modified from a template, all credits are in the footer.

Either way, if anyone is looking at my posts, hope you will (somehow) enjoy my rambles.

- This website is mobile-friendly, but it is recommended to view on desktop display.
- This website utilizes Javascript
- This website will contain swears, dark topics in blogs, and men without shirts, just in case you don't like them.

( Site created: 3 Aug 2023 )

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For some reason the dropbox raw=1 links (aka embed links) was broken today, I have fixed all the links I could think of using dl.dropbox (Find and replace makes this very easy), but there may be spots I missed so please tell me if there is, thanks!

( 4 May 2024 )

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Drawing of Lavender and Cosmos Digital drawing of Cosmos Cover image for the short comic, Charm! Part 1 Drawing of Jaspers Paper doll Cosmos and Lavender Four characters in a group photo

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Made a button for my Nekoweb site!

( 16 May 2024 )

Added a link to my Nekoweb page, I recently came up with a new idea with it, you can go check it out! Also, the title background is now cooler looking.

( 13 May 2024 )

Added a status thing in my blog! Also, I was worried about potential lag issues (it is taking longer to load in my iframe), so I decided to dived the blog into quarters from now on!

( 11 May 2024 )

Since 123Guestbook is shutting down, I used the comment widget instead, now in the new Guestbook section!

( 04 May 2024 )

Added styled tooltips, the code credits are in the footer!

( 04 May 2024 )

I added the Cosmos doll in the blog page, AND she will meow when you click her.

Additionally, I solved the problem where there's a audio delay when you click Cosmos, I did all this when I haven't really learnt JS, man I'm a genuis.

( 20 Apr 2024 )

When you click Cosmos in the blog page, she will purr

( 20 Apr 2024 )

Added a box where you can see the newest art and blog title, and I don't have to change the index file manually! How cool is that? (It did take me hours of researching though, man I really have to start learning JS

Some improvements in fandom index page also

( 13 Apr 2024 )

A bit of layout improvement in the main page, fandom pages and song page.

( 12 Apr 2024 )

I changed my mind about Mira's design, her eyes are now normal

And changed the url to RS gang

( 04 Apr 2024 )

Nothing changed at all ;) (Event ended)

( 01 Apr 2024 )

Added one more draggable pic

( 25 Mar 2024 )

3 draggable pics!!! And added a clock in the blog page, hope my spaghetti modifications works.

( 24 Mar 2024 )

Draggable pics!! But I haven't made any special pics yet so here's a placeholder you can play with for now

( 21 Mar 2024 )

New hamster page, hampter

( 10 Mar 2024 )

Double sidebar let's gooooo, but now I have to deal with the strange space in the sidebars

( 05 Mar 2024 )

Caffeine has made me name my boi, he is Wolf, say hi to this motherfucker

( 27 Feb 2024 )

New writing/lore, yeehaw

( 26 Feb 2024 )

Solar got a ref now! Happy (2 hours early) birthday!

( 25 Feb 2024 )

Guess who now has a reference sheet? :3 (sorry Solar but I hate drawing armor).

( 24 Feb 2024 )

New story page added, you can look at non-secret oc lore here.

( 23 Feb 2024 )

New comic page added!!!

( 19 Feb 2024 )

Some sidebar changes because it's getting too long, also a poll is added, come check it out!

( 17 Feb 2024 )

It took a while, but several new OC pages are added, all the pages in the Dreamland Workshop should be open!

( 8 Feb 2024 )

Improved art pages layout, I'm in pain

( 4 Feb 2024 )

Some color changes in blog and various pages, it feels comfy

( 3 Feb 2024 )

New ref for my sona, check it out, or not

( 2 Feb 2024 )

Some css changes here and there, and now the boxes have shadows, because I kinda miss the layout in my Carrd

( 1 Feb 2024 )

After months of procrastinating, I finally did Barou's page. Now the 4 Reds (Pome, Holly, Chigiri, Barou) are complete.

Also, fandom and blorbo page has been merged.

( 24 Jan 2024 )

The scrollbar in Firebox is now colored

( 13 Jan 2024 )

The art pages has now been divided into multiple pages using iframes to reduce lagging, hope it works.

Did something with the fandoms page

( 12 Jan 2024 )

This website now has Memes. And also some ul tag fixing. A little animation is added to About page. Now the name titles in the OC pages are replaced with their quotes, that feels cooler.

( 11 Jan 2024 )

Claire got a ref sheet now!

( 10 Jan 2024 )

Minor layout fixes in Reach for the Stars.

( 9 Jan 2024 )

More update logs here